We produced a three-minute highlight video showcasing the excitement of Boston Comic Con, the largest comic book and pop culture convention in New England.  Featuring raving crowds of 40,000 people and stand-out celebrities like Stan Lee and Hayley Atwell, the video accrued 5,000 views online and showed the world that BCP is a party not be missed.


We produced a 6-part video series to highlight incredible stories of social impact achieved by Wesleyan University alumni.  Featuring social work rockstars like Shawn Dove (CEO of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement) and Sasha Chanoff (Executive Director of RefugePoint) these videos are filled with inspiration, perseverance, and heart.

We produced a 20 minute documentary that explores the rich history of our hometown Wayland, Massachusetts. Our documentary opens with the incorporation of Sudbury Plantation in 1638, and traces the town's evolution until it became a modern suburb during the post-World War II era.

We worked with Pierce's Pantry, a local gluten-free food bank, to produce two videos to help the organization expand on a national level. One video provides guidance on how to start your own gluten-free food bank, while the other helps with the pantry's fundraising campaign.

We worked with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), an international organization with over 10,000 student chapters throughout the United States, to produce a short documentary about its history. SADD is a student-run organization tasked with preventing accidents due to destructive decisions.

SuRAB Athletics came to us with the story of Philip Schoenig, a distance cyclist preparing to embark on a cross-country bike ride. We worked with the SuRAB CEO to draw a portrait of Phil's determined athleticism, and associate these qualities with the company's brand.