In the spring of 2013, Pelham Island Pictures was birthed in a high school journalism class between two multimedia focused seniors.

As classmates, the two students began collaborating on documentary-style videos for their high school's online news publication, the Wayland Student Press Network. Their work drew the principal's attention, who asked them to prepare a short film about the high school to be screened on 8th Grade Parents Night. The production brought the two filmmakers closer together, and confirmed their collaborative potential.

After screening the film to much acclaim, Jacob and Zander were contacted by the SuRAB Athletics Corporation to produce a film about Phillip Schoening's cross country bike ride across America. So began the first official Pelham Island Pictures production. 

Since their first collaborations together as high school students, Pelham Island Pictures has expanded rapidly. The company has completed work for corporations and universities, received press in local newspapers, and garnered hundreds of views on their online portfolio. 

Phillip Schoening mounts his bicycle before heading off for a bike ride.

Jacob and Zander at their high school graduation. 

Shooting for their short film "The Cyclist".